Sceats Care Home News – Mr. Sceats Visits Sceats!

On 23rd August we celebrated past and future connections within our community after we received a surprise – and welcome – visit from Mr. Roger Sceats.

Roger Sceats is the son of Mr. Caleb Sceats, the man who donated 3, Kenilworth Avenue to be used as a care home in memory of his wife. What we didn’t expect, was that Roger would recognise one of our residents – a lady who has been living with us for a few months now – as someone he used to know when they were both children.

Roger looked around the home and commented on how the building has changed. Room 24 used to be a billiard room, and the dining room used to a bowling green that was mown twice a day! He also said he could hardly recognise the place now for what it was over 50 years ago, but that “it felt nice to know that the home was serving such a valuable and meaningful purpose.” It was encouraging and meaningful to realise that our journey at Sceats still has the same purpose as it did some 50 years ago.

Some time was spent introducing Roger and his wife to the residents and staff, and promises were made to visit our community again soon.

Mike James, Manager

Claire Dyson, Administrator