Rosemary Mount, Worthing , West Sussex – Welcomes You

Meet the Manager – Denise Waller


“Welcome to Rosemary Mount – if you have any questions or would like to arrange a viewing do call me on 01903 205762 or email

Denise answers your questions

What is important to the people living at your home?

We asked some residents what is important to them whilst living at Rosemary Mount:

  • “Company and friendship”
  • “Company and the help from staff”
  • “Everything is important to me, and all is perfect.”
  • “The standard of personal cleanliness is essential to me.”

How is your home unique and different from other care homes in the area?

Our main focus and purpose is to those who come to live in our home and to ensure that the time that they spend with us is a happy, positive experience.

What are some first Impressions from visitors?  What do they say as they look round your home?

Visitors say that Rosemary Mount is a lovely clean, homely and friendly place to be.

What are you looking for in recruiting people to work at your home?

We seek to recruit reliable, trustworthy, competent and forward-thinking individuals who interact well with elderly vulnerable people.

Finally, some extracts from the most recent CQC report which best describes the experiences of people living at Rosemary Mount

  • “The staff look after me so well, and I’m grateful for the care I get here.” (Resident Quote)
  • “We always try and have a chat, even if it’s just walking down the corridor.” (Staff Quote)
  • “I always get a lot of support to move forward.” (Staff Quote)
  • “The Manager is fully aware of all the clients and well informed. Staff are fantastic during all routine rounds.” (Visiting GP Quote)
  • “The food’s very good and you get a choice every day of two things. I never remember what I’ve chosen, but I eat what’s put in front of me!” (Resident Quote)
  • “It’s about making a resident’s quality of life better, or as good as it can be.” (Staff Quote)

I would like to say I have had a very happy stay. The staff were very nice and helpful and it did not matter what I asked them to do for me, it was not too much trouble. The food was very nice and plenty of choice.