Fair Havens Care Home, Southampton, Hampshire – Welcomes You

Meet the Manager – Tracey Halley


“Welcome to Fair Havens – if you have any questions or would like to arrange a viewing do call me on 023 8079 0874 or email

Tracey answers your questions

What is important to the people living at your home?

Fair Havens is a place to call home, with a family feel and freedom to live independently with support as and when needed. There are different places to spend time such as the lavender lounge, the poppy lounge, the green lounge and the main lounge. This is important because there are places to talk privately with family as well as places to chat with other people living in Fair Havens. There is a lovely garden, opportunities to go out with family and friends, events and entertainment to look forward to and time just to relax and rest.

How is your home unique and different from other care homes in the area?

Our vibrant communities work is providing opportunities for people to experience new things and share experiences with others in a fun and creative way. The traditional view of care is being replaced with a shared experience where everyone in the home is part of the Fair Havens family. As in any family there are times to share sadness and difficulties with people we trust and times to laugh and have fun. Our aim is that people living and working in Fair Havens experience a feeling of love, calm and care based on our Christian ethos. Christian values underpin what we do while respecting individuals’ beliefs and views on faith.

What are some first impressions from visitors?  What do they say when they look round your home?

People say that is feels calm. They find the staff friendly and helpful and like the contemporary homely look, with different colour schemes and the range of places people can spend their time.

What are you looking for in recruiting people to work at your home?

A genuine interest in working with older people and a passion to provide the quality of care and support they would want provided to themselves. I believe that care comes from the heart and if people are caring they can be trained to provide a good service, they just need the drive to learn and develop themselves. I also look for people willing and able to provide the service when it is needed, which includes working nights, weekends and week days.

Finally, some extracts from the most recent CQC report which best describe the experiences of people living at Fair Havens

  • “The home is lovely, it is clean and comfortable. I feel safe here.” (Resident Quote)
  • “I love the smell of the food when it’s cooking, it’s delicious.” (Resident Quote)
  • “I can’t be the easiest person to look after, but the staff never complain and look after me well.” (Resident Quote)
  • “Keeping people’s dignity is the most important thing we can do.” (Staff Quote)
  • “There are lots of things to do here, I am always busy.” (Resident Quote)