Cressingham House, Wallasey, Merseyside – Welcomes You

Meet the Manager – Pat Tuck


“Welcome to Cressingham House – if you have any questions or would like to arrange a viewing do call me on 0151 639 4626 or email

Pat answers your questions

What is important to the people living at your home?

  • That they are able to maintain their independence as far as is possible
  • That they are treated with dignity and respect

How is your home unique and different from other care homes in the area?

  • It is a small home which gives it a family feel.  There is nothing clinical about Cressingham House.  It is a home-from-home.
  • Cressingham House is close to all amenities – right by a train station, and close to the local shops.

What are some first impressions from visitors?  What do they say when they look round your home?

Visitors say there’s a wonderful homely atmosphere, with really welcoming staff, and no smell!

What are you looking for in recruiting people to work at your home?

I need staff who will treat everyone as individuals rather than being task-orientated.  We are here first and foremost for the residents, rather than to “get work done” in the home or to develop routines.  We need to work at the residents’ pace.  (I have recruited many people who have not worked in a care home before).

Finally, some extracts from the most recent CQC report which best describe the experiences of people living at Cressingham House

    • “I am relaxed now, as I was frightened all the time living alone in my house.” (Resident Quote)
    • “There’s always enough staff when I visit and they can’t do enough for you – always welcoming and friendly, day or night.” (Visitor Quote)
    • “They (the staff) are extremely kind, caring and very helpful. They are marvellous.” (Resident Quote)
    • “The staff treat my Mum with dignity and respect and I have never heard them talk down to anyone.” (Relative Quote)
    • “I am never bored here. Always something to do or trips to go on, it’s altered my life.” (Resident Quote)
    • “It’s a very good, friendly atmosphere, everything is excellent for me.” (Resident Quote)