Keychange Legacy

Thank you for enquiring about legacies.  We hope that this and the following pages will give you more information about making or changing a Will.

In this country, we are privileged to be able to enjoy many great parks and estates which have been laid out by designers often many years and decades ago. Many of the ideas, not to mention the trees and shrubs, never achieved their full grandeur until generations after the designer had passed on. We are fortunate that people of vision were prepared to invest their all for the sake of generations not yet imagined. Like Martin Luther King Jr, they ‘had a dream’ which only become reality many years after they had died.

At Keychange we also have a dream. We want to be recognised as a leading supplier of holistic Christian care to frail elderly people in residential care.

Together with the management team, the Board of Keychange has made long-term plans for the future of our services. These plans must be matched by income sources that enable our Vision to become reality. Keychange is a registered charity and is non-profit-making, meaning that all our income is used for the provision of services for people for whom we care. We are pleased to be able to provide very high levels of care, but unfortunately restrictions in government spending have meant that we have had to be very prudent in our budget keeping, and offer care which is sometimes without the frills and extras we would like to provide.

Of course, if you are considering leaving a legacy, or are enquiring on behalf of someone who is, planning for the future is vital too. Firstly, anyone would no doubt want to make sure that their family is adequately provided for after their death, but perhaps they might consider leaving a portion of their estate to Keychange as well? There are many opportunities to support Keychange, perhaps for some of those frills and extras that remain dreams without the resources to see them fulfilled.

A gift to Keychange in your Will means that your savings will also help to ensure that our dream becomes a reality in the lives of generations still to come. This small practical pack will help you think through some important issues that you may need to be considering.

Download the Keychange Legacy Document (pdf)