Sceats Care Home News – Summer at Sceats

Thanks to this oddly hot summer, we at Sceats have had the opportunity to take advantage of the sunshine to do some activities in the great outdoors.

We recently discovered the local accessible cycling facility and staff spent a day with some of our residents cycling around the racetrack. Needless to say it was fun for all involved and the staff got plenty of exercise alongside.

We are also lucky enough to be just a short drive from the Gloucester Quays, and the sunshine has meant that we have had the chance to go out for plenty of pub lunches by the canal. It seems that we have become regulars there! Residents, accompanied by staff, have enjoyed delicious meals and beautiful views with a healthy dosage of chatting and walks by the canal side which have proven beneficial for all involved.

Some of us have also enjoyed trips to the Gloucester Waterways Museum, exploring the history of the city and reminiscing on some of their time in the city – from boating and working to trips with families. This interactive museum allowed for staff and residents to have a good time (some staff enjoyed pulleys and interactive exhibits a little more than expected). We had a laugh dressing up in the clothing worn by those in the photographs throughout the museum as well as exploring the boats in the docks, stopping amongst the madness for a brew and a biscuit.

Finally there was the big summer event – our summer fete. We were all involved in preparation, from hanging bunting, to baking cakes and even making salt dough charms to sell – from the very start, it was good fun! Everyone had a fantastic time dancing to the 50/60s music provided by Bunny, with staff even showing off their many left feet in the process. We held a raffle for residents, relatives, staff and guests, resulting in many smiles as we selected our new prizes from the display.

In the end, despite the small number of visitors, we raised a total of £86.30 to go towards activities for the home, meaning that not only did the residents have a great time on the day, but we can continue to provide great activities in the coming months.

Amy Kelly Activities Staff