Rose Lawn News – Wedding Bells … and Sparklers!

adam-and-saritaIn September the residents were very excited about Sarita and Adam’s wedding. Both the bride and groom work at Rose Lawn, so the people living here were privy to all the details of the wedding planning.  On the Big Day, Adam and Sarita came in to see the residents – they thoroughly enjoyed seeing them all dressed up!  Congratulations and very best wishes to them both from all those who live and work at Rose Lawn!

As Activities Coordinator, Sarita sends in the website updates from Rose Lawn, so here she takes up the more recent news:

Over the last month we have been busy starting up our very own choir. After a lot of suggestions from the residents, we decided to call ourselves The Rose Lawn Choir!  All our residents are thoroughly enjoying getting together every week to sing!

We have also got together to start planning our Christmas party. Some residents have said they want to go to France!  So we may bring France to Rose Lawn!  We have not decided yet!

Last week we had a go at some happy pumpkin carving. We don’t like scary faces so we did happy faces instead.  Our residents were amazed at the sight of the room being lit up with the lights from the pumpkins.

On 5th November as it was very cold outside, the residents chose to watch the staff light sparklers outside so they could stay in the warmth! Those living at Rose Lawn loved watching the sparklers and some fireworks going off in the background.sparklers