Rose Lawn News – Same Day, Same Year, Same Age!

Diana Davis lives at Rose Lawn and recently celebrated her birthday. Not only does she share the same birthday as The Queen, she is also the same age as Her Majesty – they both turned 92 on 21st April 2018.


The 21st April 2018 was also International Care Home Open Day 2018 so this was a double celebration for Diana as we threw open our doors to welcome the local community. In the afternoon there was a special cake-cutting ceremony to mark Diana’s and the Queen’s birthdays which was attended by Councillor Ian McKenzie-Edwards. And Sir Hugo Swire MP popped in for a surprise visit and a cup of tea!

Diana has lived here since June 2014. She was born and lived in Liverpool as well as Yorkshire, Wigan and London, and fondly recalls family holidays spent in Devon.

She was in the Wrens at the end of the war which she describes as having been a ‘marvellous experience’.

She said: “There was a lack of teachers at the time and I was able to take an emergency training course to teach younger children.”

“When I was stationed in London I would go and see the Queen at every chance I got.”

Diana’s interests include a love of art and music, and she has always painted and sketched which she still enjoys today.

Reflecting on reaching the age of 92, she said: “A high point of getting older is that you are more tolerant and understand people better.”

A longer version of this article first appeared in Devon Live.