Rose Lawn News – “Lovely, Busy Weeks!”

christmas-bandWe have been pretty busy over the Christmas period! We have had lots of musicians come in to Rose Lawn, such as Paul the Singer, the Sidmouth Town Band, hand bell ringers and a lovely little show from the All Saints Carol Singers! The residents loved seeing and hearing the children sing!










We had a lovely Christmas party on 21st of December. Lots of family and friends came to have lunch with their loved ones.  Everyone had a great time seeing Santa, doing our traditional Christmas quiz and enjoying a delicious buffet lunch made by our talented chefs and most of all the ballroom dancers who joined us after lunch were lots of fun!  All our residents got up to dance and so did the staff!circle-dance

One of the things we did at New Year was to dig out all the pictures we had taken through 2016 and look back at everything we had done together. The residents were pretty impressed!  It really has been a lovely, busy few weeks!christmas-song