Romans News – The Great Outdoors

Here at Romans we have had so many opportunities this long hot summer for enjoying the great outdoors, as seen for example in this photo of a tasty BBQ eaten on a beautiful hot summer’s day with the new garden furniture.

On Saturday 28th July, we held our summer fete. A whopping £208.09 has been raised so far. We had a bric-a-brac stall, cake and refreshments, bucket and ball games, horseshoe-throwing game, and a raffle. The weather held off from rain but was very windy. Our lovely proud Colin won a box of chocolates. They didn’t last long!

We also enjoyed visiting the local church café where there were tea and cakes for everyone.




The residents recently noticed a baby jay on the ground being attacked by magpies. They had hurt his wing. One of the care team managed to capture the bird and put him into a box with bedding and water.

I took him down to the local vets, who gave him a thorough check over and said he looked okay. After they had checked him out, because he was so young, they took him to a wildlife hospital called Brent Lodge Rescue (in Chichester).

The poor little bird (named Jay) had certainly been travelling around, but was cared for by everyone with whom he came into contact.

I spoke to the wildlife hospital, as the residents and staff had requested an update. He was doing fine and being hand fed for the time being. He will have a ‘soft release’, which is where he will be put in an open cage with food. Then when Jay feels stronger and gets his confidence, he will eventually be able to fly off.

I have explained all of this to our residents, who are very happy at the thought of his survival. It is a lovely story with a happy ending.