Romans News – Christmas Shopping, Concert, Cake and Wishes!

body-shop-pamperOn 4th November Cindy from the Body Shop paid us a visit, so that residents and staff could have hand massages and look for any Christmas presents that they wanted to buy. Tea and cake were provided. Margaret and Pat looked through the brochure and discussed purchases.  Olive asked for the assistance of Laura (care worker) to help her decide. choosing-giftsLaura and Gloria enjoyed chatting about the wonderful scents filling the room. Joan had a hand massage and said: “What a treat!” Bill said that if the ladies were having a hand massage, he wanted one too! What a lovely way to spend a cold, rainy afternoon – tea, cake and a shopping and pampering session!

How lovely that Eastbrook School came to sing their Christmas concert for us again this year. As always the children (5-11 year olds) were very well behaved and enjoyed chatting with the people who live here. The photo shows the residents after the children had finished the concert and getting into the spirit of Christmas.after-the-christmas-concert









Jim’s daughter Marion donated a handmade Christmas cake to the residents and staff at Romans which we all enjoyed with a cup of coffee.

Wishes are for every age and the staff and people who live with us were invited to make a wish. We put the wishes on a tree and have all been creative about how we can make them come true. Every Wednesday is now called “Wishy Wednesday” when we will try and make some wishes come true if we can.

june-with-flowersAs part of our wishes theme, June asked if she could speak with her son who lives in South Africa. The following week June received a phone call and had a long chat with her son and the very next day a beautiful bouquet of flowers arrived for her from his family. June was so happy. She asked if we could take a picture of her and post it to him. We assured her that with the wonders of technology, we could do better than that by sending him a message and pictures via email.  June came into the office and sent the email and photos of herself enjoying Christmas.  It was a wish come true and her smile said it all.