Romans News – 100th Birthday, and Easter Egg Hunt

“What a fabulous day – thank you so much!” said Eileen Hansford at the end of her 100th birthday on 31st March 2017. The Mayor of Brighton and Hove, Pete West and Brian James, Operations Manager at Keychange joined Eileen and her immediate family for coffee at Romans. They had so much to talk about as Eileen had worked in a record shop and the Mayor’s parents had owned a record shop in Brighton. Eileen then went on to have a birthday dinner with all of the residents at Romans. The fun continued on Sunday when Eileen’s family took her to The Grand in Brighton, for a celebration lunch. It was the first time ever that all of the family had been together in one place. Thirty family members were there to help Eileen celebrate and her room at Romans has been decorated with all of her cards all over the wall.

On Maundy Thursday we held our annual Easter Egg Hunt. Residents who wanted to take part converged on the conservatory and choose their partners from the staff who were on duty. The resident had to solve the clue and the staff member was to go and find and bring back an Easter egg. As you can imagine, everybody got a little competitive and the residents were asked not to “egg” the staff on (sorry for the pun!) which everybody ignored. Many eggs were collected and everyone had a great time with lots of laughter and hugs. Thank you to everyone who donated eggs.