Walmer House – Testimonials

Walmer House Testimonials

To: All the Staff at Walmer House,
Thank you so much for all your kindness and care towards our Mum.

Thank you for your loving care of my Aunt, for heading such a hardworking, caring team and re-assuring the family that she was in the right place. The way she responded to each of you when I was there showed exactly how she had been treated. Her smile when any help was given, her cheek or laugh when being teased, the way she spoke about you, especially a comment overheard by me … ‘I love you’ – that said it all.

B happily spent the last chapter of her life in Walmer House, living within a Christian community, which gave her the peace and the knowledge that God was with her always.
As a family we thank you all for the loving care shown to B at all times; such a special place for her to be, and to enjoy.

To All the Staff at Walmer House,
What can I say about you all? You are truly a wonderful bunch of people. My Mum was so happy to live at Walmer House. What started off as a 2 week respite turned into almost 4 years! The thing we most loved about Walmer House is the sense of being part of a family. Mum loved the conversations, the company, the laughter, her room, the food and the care. “Thank you” is hardly enough!
From the bottom of my heart I shout it – THANK YOU!

To: Carol, Tina and all the wonderful Staff,
Thank you for the love, care and compassion shown to our lovely Mum. Your dedication is second to none.