Sceats Care Home, Gloucester, Gloucestershire – Welcomes You

Meet the Manager – Jackie Law


“Welcome to Sceats Care Home – if you have any questions or would like to arrange a visit do call me on 01452 303429 or email

In all our homes, we seek to provide the best services that we can within the resources available.

We are keen to improve what we do and welcome the recommendations set out in the recent CQC inspection report, which enables us to do so.

This service has created an action plan which it has sent to CQC. Actions which have been taken and are planned include:

• Recruitment to key positions including manager
• Improved training covering issues such as dementia, safeguarding and care plans
• Care plan audits
• Introduction of Ladder to the Moon ( resident activity programme
• Improved medication administration

Jackie Answers Your Questions

What is important to the people living at your home?

  • That they are treated with respect and dignity
  • That they have independence and choice
  • That they have warmth, good food and that their spiritual needs are catered for

How is Sceats unique and different from other care homes in the area?

Sceats care home is run by a Christian charity, and we try to make it as homely as possible.

What are some first impressions from visitors?  What do they say as they look round your home?

  • “Very friendly and welcoming”
  • “Lovely sitting room and dining room”
  • “Delicious menu”
  • “Can I come and live here!”

We promote an open culture in recruiting people to work at Sceats. We are also looking for:-

  • Experience and a good work ethic
  • Respect for and empathy with our residents
  • Willingness to work as part of a team
  • Willingness to extend their knowledge

Just a few lines to say thank you to all staff members who looked after Dad for us. It was only for a short time but huge thanks to one and all.