Rosset Holt Care Home, Tunbridge Wells, Kent – Welcomes You

Welcome to Rosset Holt

“Welcome to Rosset Holt – if you have any questions or would like to arrange a viewing do call on 01892 526077 or email

In all our homes, we seek to provide the best services that we can within the resources available.

We are keen to improve what we do and welcome the recommendations set out in the recent CQC inspection report, which enables us to do so.

This service has created an action plan which it has sent to CQC. Actions which have been taken and are planned include:

• A culture change led by a new manager with a new management style and team approach.
• Increased involvement of people living at Rosset Holt and their next of kin in care planning.
• Care plan training for all the care team with review of all care plans.
• Development of peer review and mentoring by Registered Managers from across the Keychange Charity group of care homes.
• Commissioning the Ladder To The Moon programme ( to host a Vision Day and an Inspire Day which have taken place involving people across the community.

Manager Annabelle Purdie answers some of your questions

What is important to the people living at your home?

  • To feel safe and secure
  • To feel cared for
  • To be allowed to live as independently as they possibly can
  • To enjoy meals that are varied and nutritious

How is your home unique and different from other care homes in the area?

  • Rosset Holt is small and therefore lends itself to being more homely.
  • It has a Christian ethos and we aim to show the love of God to everyone.

What are some first impressions from visitors? What do they say as they look round your home?

  • Visitors say that Rosset Holt is homely, smells clean, is very welcoming and peaceful.
  • They remark that they like the patio area and the garden. Internally, the beautiful staircase and wood panelling are often commented on.
  • Visitors like the fact that residents eat breakfast in their own rooms.

What are you looking for in recruiting people to work at your home?

  • Caring and compassionate candidates with an interest in people
  • A good standard of work
  • A willingness to do further training as appropriate
  • The ability to work in a team
  • Staff who will put the residents first

Finally, some extracts from the most recent CQC report which best describe the experiences of people living at Rosset Holt

  • “It doesn’t matter who you are, you never feel out of place here.” – person living here
  • “It is not like an institution at all.” – person living here
  • “The staff here are good. They listen and I do believe that they generally care. They are compassionate.” – relative
  • “They are very good at responding to any concerns. They always take it seriously.” – person living here