Erith House – Food

Food at Erith House

Good food is important at Erith House

On the important subject of food and meals, we are pleased to say that at Erith House:

  • We offer a 3 course, choice, lunch time menu each day and cater for vegetarian diets along with other specialised meals.
  • We rotate our menus seasonally, aiming to gain the best local produce for the particular time of year.
  • All meat, poultry, dairy, fruit and veg are sourced from local providers and producers.
  • All our pastries and cakes are home-made, along with puddings and fresh soups.
  • Our kitchen staff provide nutritious, well balanced meals from a full range of breakfast items, through to the main lunch and then a varied ‘high’ supper.
  • Visitors can join their relative/friend for meals, for which we make a small charge.

FSA - 5 Stars

Erith House Sample Menu (pdf)