Alexander House Care Home, Wimbledon, London – Welcomes You

“Welcome to Alexander House – if you have any questions or would like to arrange a viewing do call the home on 020 8946 7147 or email
In all our homes, we seek to provide the best services that we can within the resources available.

We are keen to improve what we do and welcome the recommendations set out in the recent CQC inspection report, which enables us to do so.

This service has created an action plan which it has sent to CQC. Actions which have been taken and are planned include:

• Careful improvements to the gardens and grounds to create safer protected spaces for residents
• Changes to Fire and Access arrangements for improved safety
• Verifying checks are in place e.g. Water Risk Assessments, electrical equipment, lifts etc.
• Restrictors fitted to doors and windows where required for improved safety of residents
• Improved staff competency checks for greater compliance

Frequently Asked Questions

What is important to the people living at Alexander House?

  • The easy access to Wimbledon Common
  • Support with dementia
  • For some, their faith and ways to nurture this are facilitated by Alexander House staff.
  • The garden and summer house.  In the garden residents enjoy not just the flowers and trees, but also wildlife, as birds are encouraged to visit the garden by means of a bird feeder.

How is Alexander House unique and different from other care homes in the area?

  • Alexander House is a Christian-run home where decisions taken on faith principles predominate.  It is part of a Christian charity.
  • The fabric of the building and the grounds are superior.
  • The home enjoys a unique, quiet location in London and is very close to Wimbledon Common.

What are some first impressions from visitors?  What do they say when they look round the home?

  • Relatives tell us that in their opinion the care is better at Alexander House than in some new purpose-built homes.
  • “Lovely home” –“smells nice” –“welcoming” – “clean”.

What are you looking for in recruiting people to work at Alexander House?

  • Staff with the right motivation and attitude, with a caring nature and empathy for the residents
  • Good interaction with relatives and residents
  • Staff who enjoy what they are doing
  • Qualifications are obviously necessary but we would facilitate training for the right applicant.

Finally, some extracts from the most recent CQC report which best describes the experiences of people living at Alexander House

  • “The staff are excellent. You get to know them personally and they are very helpful.” – person living here
  • “The staff are forever encouraging [my relative] to be as independent as possible, no matter how small the task.” – relative
  • “They run quizzes almost every day which I love. It can get very competitive.” – person living here
  • “We feel blessed we found this place. It is such a relief to know our [family member] is so safe here, rather than living on their own.” – relative