Walmer House News – Easter

We had a fine time over the Easter weekend. There was a special afternoon tea in the garden on Good Friday and an Easter egg hunt on Bank Holiday Monday. Easter bonnets were made along with cakes and other goodies. Everyone had a lovely time. The Easter Sunday service was also special, with some hymn-singing […]

Walmer House News – Fun with Balloons!

We have had lots of fun over the past few weeks with various entertainers coming in, plus we have made our own fun with balloons! Take a look at the pictures and see …

Recent Activities at Walmer House

Walmer House News – Christmas 2016

We have had a lovely time over the festive season, with lots of carol singers and other entertainment coming in to Walmer House. We had our annual Christmas party on 14th December, which residents, families and friends (along with staff!) all enjoyed. Santa turned up on Christmas morning with his helper Elf to wish everyone […]

Walmer House News – Having a Good Old Time!

This occasion was when one of our entertainers, Heather, comes in and plays music and gets the residents moving. Here, David, one of the care staff and Wyn, a resident, are having a good old time!

Walmer House News – Recent News

It was Mr Stuart Tapley’s birthday recently. He loves chocolate cake so his birthday cake was on a chocolate theme. Stuart was particularly happy to tuck in after blowing out the candles!   Here is another photo from the “Music for Health” sessions, which are specially designed to encourage maximum participation by the residents.

Walmer House News – Musical Entertainment

Many of the visitors who come in regularly to entertain us at Walmer House bring music with them as the means of engaging across the generations. In recent weeks we have enjoyed nostalgic sing-alongs to some old favourites, listened to talented harpist Luc Walpott playing some beautiful songs and melodies from days gone by, taken […]

Walmer House News – New Activities

We recently welcomed Heather Frost to Walmer House for the first time. She provides “Music for Health”, using various instruments (sometimes this is as simple as two plastic plates for each person!) and off she goes! A number of residents enjoyed her lively, fun music and movement session and even relatives were joining in! This […]