Romans News – Wild West Day and other news

On 31st October we held our Wild West Day which was organised by Dawn and Sarah, and helped by the rest of the staff. Staff dressed up, residents dressed up, and we ate a themed meal together. There was Sarsaparilla and Aunty Em’s lemonade for refreshments and apple pie with ice cream. “Wagon Wheels” were […]

Romans News – Open Day combined with Macmillan Coffee Morning

Our Open Day was held on 25th September and incorporated our fundraising event with Macmillan Cancer Support. The event was well attended by families, friends and people in our local community and raised £345.66. Flo said that it was “terrific that we could do something like this – I’ve really enjoyed myself”. June said that […]

Romans News – Sixties Night

Hey man!!! Sixties Night arrived at Romans on the 15th August with, as you can see, our lovely residents Renee, Mary and Tom all joining in with the appropriate dress. Tom made a fantastic mod and the ladies wore coloured ribbons in their hair. Some of our staff donned 60s-style attire and became fantastic mods, […]

Romans News – Vibrant and Colourful!

We brought a touch of Hawaii to Romans in July. We put brochures and pictures of Hawaii in the dining room, the craft club made grass skirts and garlands and Ann our chef prepared an assortment of exotic dishes (including an Hawaiian goose carved out of pineapple). All the staff dressed up as tourists and […]

Romans News – Just Owls and Peace Garden

Just Owls came to visit us again at Romans; they are always a firm favourite. We learnt all about owls in the presentation and then John and Ron let us hold and stroke the various owls that they had brought with them.  Anne Ireland held a barn owl and then proceeded to chat to him, […]

Romans News – A Very Happy 103rd Birthday Party!

Rose McCormick celebrated her 103rd birthday in April with a meal with all her friends at Romans Care Home, her son- in-law and Graham Waters and Brian James from Keychange Head Office. She received many bouquets of flowers, lots of cards and presents and spent the afternoon sipping champagne with people who came to visit […]

Romans News – Looking Forward With Anticipation

At Romans we have much to look forward to this month. A Chinese take-away meal has been organised for Romans residents on 9th April in the evening.  Many of our newer residents enjoy a take-away and Chinese was the choice for this month. Easter will soon be upon us, and the Craft Club has been […]

Romans News – 18 Years of Service

We extend our best wishes and congratulations to member of staff, Chris Glazebrook (pictured left), who retired on 9th March after 18 years of service at Romans Care Home.  Everyone took part in a “bit of a do” to see Chris off and wish her well.  She intends to spend more time with her family […]