Romans News – More Wishes

It was Deputy Manager Heather’s wish for her granddaughter Elena to be successful in Junior Bake Off. We thought that we could help by sponsoring Elena and buying some of her ingredients. Of course, we had one wish and that was for her to bring some of her cakes to Romans for the residents to […]

Romans News – Home, Garden and Work!

Having had a long association with Romans, firstly by visiting his mother-in-law Rose, and then as a supporter, Alister came to live at Romans in May. Alister is a very keen and knowledgeable gardener and has taken over the vegetable plots at Romans to grow edible crops for us and help Michael our handyman in […]

Romans News – 100th Birthday, and Easter Egg Hunt

“What a fabulous day – thank you so much!” said Eileen Hansford at the end of her 100th birthday on 31st March 2017. The Mayor of Brighton and Hove, Pete West and Brian James, Operations Manager at Keychange joined Eileen and her immediate family for coffee at Romans. They had so much to talk about […]

Romans News – Meet our New Pets!

Please meet Sally (kitten) and Squiggle (puppy), our reality pets at Romans. These virtual animals are used predominantly with our residents who live with dementia, but are loved by everyone. Joan said: “They are so real and you sit them on your lap and stroke them, just like my cat, very calming.” Olive said: “It […]

Wearing Pyjamas in aid of Cancer Research at Romans

Our Cancer Research Fundraiser was held on 3rd February 2017 and was part of Zoe Linscer’s wish (for the end to cancer). Everyone had great fun as you can see, with hot chocolate and marsh mellows in the morning and an all-day breakfast. All the staff said they felt very comfortable, and asked: “Can we […]

Romans News – Christmas Shopping, Concert, Cake and Wishes!

On 4th November Cindy from the Body Shop paid us a visit, so that residents and staff could have hand massages and look for any Christmas presents that they wanted to buy. Tea and cake were provided. Margaret and Pat looked through the brochure and discussed purchases.  Olive asked for the assistance of Laura (care worker) […]

Romans News – Christmas Preparations

We have a real cottage industry here at Romans. Our residents have been making Christmas gifts to sell. They have been knitting Christmas decorations for the tree, putting cookie mix in jars and producing the famous hot chocolate cones with marshmallows, sweets and candy cane. All proceeds will go towards providing further activities for residents […]

Romans News – This was October at Romans!

On 6th October we were delighted to celebrate our year of success at Romans, with residents, staff, families, Callum Harvey, Assessor with Connect to Care and our Keychange Trustees Roger and Imogen Taylor. A buffet and drinks were provided for everyone to enjoy and the party continued with our residents until 9 pm. We recognised […]