Rosset Holt News – Retirement of Lydia Sippe

Retirement of Lydia

The community at Rosset Holt gathered in the lounge on 14th November to mark the retirement of Lydia Sippe as Deputy Manager after 14 years of service at the home.  Residents, staff, the Friends of Rosset Holt and the Operations Manager were all present for the occasion and presented Lydia with flowers and gifts as […]

Romans News – Wild West Day and other news

Wild West Horse Use

On 31st October we held our Wild West Day which was organised by Dawn and Sarah, and helped by the rest of the staff. Staff dressed up, residents dressed up, and we ate a themed meal together. There was Sarsaparilla and Aunty Em’s lemonade for refreshments and apple pie with ice cream. “Wagon Wheels” were […]

The Mount News – Outing and Visitors from the Zoo

Outing Lunch

The new manager of The Mount, Edward Kirk, arranged for those residents who wished, to have a trip to Endsleigh Garden Centre.  Unfortunately, the minibus that was going to be used had broken down, but this was not going to stop Ed.  He rang around and managed to get some cheap costings for a couple […]

Rosemary Mount News – Dutch Visitors Welcomed Back

Dutch Students at Rosemary Mount

Last month a group of students from Van Londenstein College in The Netherlands visited Rosemary Mount to learn about living and working in an English Care Home.  This was the third annual visit of the students with their tutors.  The photos show the Dutch visitors engaging with the people living at Rosemary Mount and entertaining […]

Rose Lawn News – Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival

The Harvest Festival held at Rose Lawn was a brilliant success. We were pleased to send our donations to the Foodbank in Exeter. The Harvest Service was packed with residents and visitors, and was followed by a lovely buffet Harvest Supper.  

Fair Havens News – “Photo-bombing”

Newspaper Photo Use

Betty and Joyce were taking a shopping trip with Katherine and had their first experience of ‘photo-bombing’.  Katherine noticed the ladies from the local beauty parlour running to get into a photo being taken outside our local butchers shop by the local newspaper.  Katherine asked Betty and Joyce if they would like to get into […]

Erith House News – Celebrating the Seasons

Painting Class

What a splendid summer it has been this year with sunshine and fine weather pouring all the way into October.   All of a sudden, here we are preparing for the festive season once again. Residents take part in a regular Arts Class, and are currently painting Christmas motifs which will be cut out to create […]

Fair Havens News – ‘Flame of Forgiveness’ Event

Betty Hale Forgiveness

On October 12th Fair Havens held a ‘Flame of Forgiveness’ event bringing together older people in the care home with young people, to think about Forgiveness as part of events to remember the start of World War One. This was part of a national project ‘Flame of Forgiveness Fortnight’ promoted by Teresa Pearce, MP for […]