Alexander House News – “Doris Got to Go Home.”

Doris Dearsley, 100, was looking forward to her holiday in Worthing immensely.  Resident at Alexander House, Wimbledon since 2010, she had moved there from her home in Worthing, which she had for some years shared with her sister-in-law Gerry Dearsley.  The sisters-in-law had moved into Alexander House together, and we shared photos of Doris’ 100th […]

Rosemary Mount News – Summer News

We have formed a link over the last year with The Princes Trust and during that time we have welcomed groups of young adults in to the home as part of their work experience.  They spend time doing activities with the residents, which they have to organise themselves. The team have also been fundraising throughout […]

Rose Lawn News – In a Different Light!

On 13th August we had our Sixties Fashion Show which was a great success with many residents and staff offering to dress up and parade on the catwalk. Two of our residents also acted as judges for the event and held up score cards after each contestant for best dressed.  In preparation we had a […]

Romans News – “I have never laughed so much.”

On 30th July Romans held a themed Magic Day which was attended by families and our trustees Roger & Imogen Taylor. Marco the Magician entertained everyone with tricks, balloon animals and Marmite the rabbit. A themed lunch then followed with placemats, each resident had a wand and there was a top hat filled with sweets. […]

Cressingham House News – Garden Centre Outing

On Friday 21st August we took a group of our residents to a local garden centre called Carr Farm.  As well as admiring the beautiful plants and garden ornaments, we spent some time feeding the fish and just watching them swimming around.  Everyone enjoyed the change of having lunch out.           […]

Erith House News – Feeling Special, and Having a Special Birthday!

Boots No7 Make Up and Skin Care Demonstration Coffee Morning On Wednesday 2nd September, Erith House were delighted to welcome the ladies from Boots No7 Make-Up Department for a morning of pampering and skin care advice. The residents, their families and friends enjoyed facials and hand massages, along with a spritz of perfume. We all […]

Walmer House News – Sunny Garden Party!

Our annual Garden Party in August went very well and the residents really enjoyed the day. We were so thankful that the weather was gloriously sunny and warm all day. In fact it was one of the best days of the whole summer, and the sunshine made such a difference to our special day.  Jutta […]

Sceats Care Home News – Sixties Fashion Show

On Tuesday 11th August we hosted a 60s Fashion Show Day as part of the Vibrant Communities programme from Ladder to the Moon. The morning of the Fashion Show arrived and in the small lounge the staff set up the prepared tie dye T-shirts, make-up, outfits and jewellery. During the morning the residents could go […]